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InstructionsAt Breville we are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products with theThe Control Panel. The Control Panel is designed to perform several functionsStep 5: Close the lid Step 8: Start the bread machine. The baking cycle commences when rising cycles. Step 12: Cut the bread. Baking bread is in part a science and each. Flour Wholemeal flour. Bread improver Salt. Rapid Rise YeastError Detection. Before cleaning your bread maker, switch off and StorageProblem will not E01 on LEDBread not Bread rises Loaf isThere are many breads that we all like to place in our lunch box. Sequence for BASIC setting:INGREDIENTS 1kg 750g. Water 375ml 325ml. Oil 3 tbl 2 tbl. Recipes in this section have the addition of seeds, nuts or other flavour enhancing ingredients. INGREDIENTS 1kg 750g INGREDIENTS 1kg 750g. INGREDIENTS 1kg 750g INGREDIENTS 1kg 750gWater 360ml 290ml. Sequence for YEAST FREE setting:Procedure. GLUTEN FREE Country Style Bread GLUTEN FREE Wholesome Seed BreadProcedureTo make a master dough. White Bread DOUGH Wholemeal DOUGH. Not suitable for the PRESET TIMER. Shaping ideas for master Hot Cross BunsThe DOUGH setting is suitable for all your favourite pizza and focaccia recipes. Focaccia DOUGHOlive oil 2 tbl. Salt 1 tsp. Sugar 2 tsp. These convenient Bread Mixes are available nationally in supermarkets and at some bulk outlets. They. White prepackaged bread mixes. Defiance White Bread Mix Defiance CRUSTY White Bread Mix. GRAIN prepackaged bread mixesThe following Glazes are easy and quick to prepare and will enhance the flavour and appearance of your. Gelatine GlazeProcedureAustralian Customers. We design and manufacture consumer products with the safety of you, our valued customer, foremost in mind. In addition we ask that you exercise a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the following precautions: ImpoRtANt SAfeguARdS foR youR BRevIlle BAKeR’S oveN.

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If the power is interrupted for 5 minutes or less (by a power failure or accidentally switching off at the power outlet), the program. For a DARK or LIGHT Crust colour, press the CRUST button once for H (DARK), twice for L (LIGHT). BAKe oNly Crust selection is not available on this setting. This setting is designed to allow extra baking of up to 1 hour if required. For those who enjoy a crispier crust, extend the baking time or for added interest to your loaf try the delicious topping or melt ideas on page 9. For making Gluten Free bread, please see “Gluten Free Bread” on page R21. All recipes use local ingredients and Australian Standard Metric Measuring tools (cup, spoons and weighing scales) for accuracy in producing a 750g or 1kg loaf of bread. The total setting time will appear on the dough and add additional ingredients in the the LED Screen. The dough may rise a little more at this time been removed from the bread pan, remove the due to the increasing heat expanding the gasses kneading blade from the pan using oven mitts.Do not remove the blade with bare hands, as it is very hot. If the kneading blade is difficult to RAPID BREAD and DOUGH have two rising. This foldable, lightweight cutting guide is the ideal accessory for any bread maker. Care ingredients, especially flour and yeast, differ should be taken when weighing and from the Australian equivalents. In the Vital measuring ingredients to ensure accuracy and Ingredients section (pages 16-18) suitable New consistency. Zealand products have been listed. We suggest Recipes in this Instruction Book were these New Zealand products be substituted developed using Australian Metric Weights and for the Australian products in the Easy Bake. Although breads baked with this bread making. It provides food for the yeast and type of flour will be higher in fibre, the loaf can be structures the loaf.

However, salt inhibits the rising of the bread, The ingredients in a bread improver are usually a so be careful when measuring, as it should be food acid such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and accurate. Brands will vary in strength. If wishing refer to contact details on the packaging of the to substitute for yeast in a recipe, omit the bread bread mix. Q: C an other bread recipes be made in this To ensure all dry ingredients are mixed machine.Contact your nearest authorised Breville Service Centre (refer to the back page for details). Contact your nearest authorised Breville Service Centre (refer to the back page for. Replacement parts are available from Breville Spare Parts: As with any non-stick coated surface, NEVER use metal utensils or abrasive cleaners on these items. This section includes traditional white bread and a variety of savoury breads. You just might discover a new found special favourite. Two loaf sizes 1kg and 750g can be made. When making the 750g size, remove the loaf 10 minutes before completion of the baking cycle. Note procedure Place ingredients into bread pan in the exact order listed in the recipe. The addition occurs mostly at the sound of the beeps. Therefore these recipes are not suitable to use on the Preset Timer.The addition occurs mostly at the sound of the beeps towards the end of the second kneading cycle. Therefore these recipes are not suitable to use with the PRESET TIMER. When making the 750g size, remove the loaf 10 minutes before completion of the baking cycle. The WHOLE WHEAT setting has been designed with this in mind, providing longer rising times to produce a loaf of bread lighter in texture and higher in volume. When making the 750g size, remove the loaf 10 minutes before completion of the baking cycle. Unless otherwise stated, most of the yeasted bread recipes can be baked on this cycle, however the volume will be slightly reduced and the texture a little more dense.

The following recipes will give Damper or Muffin-Style Breads, which will be heavy in texture and not as highly risen as yeasted breads. The following recipes have been developed without using any grains or ingredients that contain gluten. Therefore, these recipes are suitable for people with specific food allergies or intolerances. Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Do not sift. Use a pliable spatula to combine the liquid and dry ingredients. Mix to a soft dough ensuring all the ingredients are well combined. Wipe spills from outside the bread pan. Lock the bread pan into position in the baking chamber and close the lid.Take a quantity of one of the Master dough recipes. Wipe spills from outside of bread pan. Lock the bread pan into position in the baking chamber and close the lid. They are available in various sized packaging and should not be confused with Bread Flour. Bread mixes contain high protein bread flour, sugar, salt, milk powder, oil and other ingredients such as bread improvers. Brush over hot bread. The LCD screen with display the crossed off speaker symbol when the sound alerts have been muted and no symbol when the sound alerts are on The LCD screen will display the flashing 'PAUSE' until the button is pressed again to resume the cycle Q. SELECT push-dial (turn to scroll, push to select) - Scroll through 14 settings, 3 crust colors and 4 loaf sized - Use in conjuction with the MODIFY button to change the default temperatures and times for the 'preheat', 'knead', 'rise', 'punch-down', 'bake' and 'keep warm' phases. We have designed the Bread Master Excel with you, our valued customer in wind The Bread Master Excel urill bake a large lkg a medium 750g or a small 500g sandwich style loaf. We have made the Bread Master Excel easy to use as you will find from the Beginners Guide to your first loaf' on page 10. After that you will find over 75 delicious recipes to try in our Easy Bake recipe section.

And with the special Jam setting the Bread Master Excel can create delicious fresh home made jams, a laste sensation on your freshly baked bread. For people who like to hand shape bread, there is also a dough only setting. In addition the Bread Master Excel will bake superb Yast Free or Gluten Free breads. Finally if you enjoy waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread amry morning the 12 hour dday timer on the Bread Master Excel makes it wisy to do so. Before making your first loaf of bread, please read this book thoroughly, to ensure you get the best results. We wish you, your family and friends much enjoyment from the supero range of breads you can bake and doughs you can knead in your Breville Brand Master Excel.Read all instructions, product labels and warings before operating the bread maker. The machine will stop and will not continue operation.. Keep the inside and outside of the unit clean. Follow the cleaning instructions provided in this manual. Pour water into the bread pan and wash only the interior. Position the unit a minimum distance of 10cm away from walls. Allow the bread maker to cool down before cleaning any parts. Do not cover the air vents on back of the lid during operation Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table or counter, touch hot surlaces or become knotted.. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.. Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance - Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. The LED display indicates completion time. The various buttons are used to set the functions and to start the bread maker. The buttons should be pressed firmly.When the START button is pressed the time displayed in hours and minutes) is the time remaining until the selected selling is completed. Press this button to select the 11 automatic settings available. Each time the SELECT button is pressed the selling is changed.

The setting selected is shown on the Display Window as a number between 1 to 11. Press the CRUST button to select the 3 qust colour settings available for the bread sellings only. The setting selected (Light, Modum or Dark) is indicated by the red indicator light which illuminates against the setting For use when selling the TIMER to delay baking. Press the Up and Down Arrows (which will move time up or down in 10 minute increments) to preset the programmable timer. (refer page 8) Press the START button to commence the selected program or begin timer countdown for delayed operation. To stop and cancel the Bread Master Excel in mid-cycle the STOP Button must be pressed down and held for 5-10 seconds until the riachine boops and the display window is reset. This will result in the program being canceled. (When the bread is ready the Bread Master Excel automatically stops and sounds 3 double beeps. The machine will not continue operation. Pross the LOAF button to select the size loaf you are going to bake. Once selected the red indicator light will illuminate against the selection throughout the cycle.For a Dark or Light crust colour, press CRUST button once for Dark, twice for Light. For a 750g Medum sized load or 500g Small sized loaf. This is a large size loaf with a medium crust colour. For a Dark or Light crust colour, press CRUST button once for Dark, twice for Light. For a 750g Medium sized loaf or 500g Small sized loaf, press LOAF button until red Indicator light aligns with the required setting This setting has shorter kneading and rising times, therefore the bread will be lower in height. For a Dark or Light crust colour, press CRUST button once for Dark, twice for Ught. For a 750g Medium sized loaf or 5009 Small sized loal, press LOAF button until red indicator light aligns with the required setting. This setting is used for breads made with large amounts of whole wheat flour, rye or other grain Hours.

A 30 minute warming period has been budt into this cycle allowing the heavy wheat grains to absorb the liquid, soften and expand, thus providing better gluten development. This is a large sweet loal with a medium crust colour. For a 750g Medium sized loal or 500g Smal sized loaf, press LOAF button until red Indicator light aligns with the required setting. This is a large size French loaf with a medium Crust colour. For a Dark or Light crust colour, press CAUST button once for Dark, twice lor Light. For a 750g Medium sized loaf or 500g Small sized loaf, press LOAF button until red indicator light aligns with the required setting The type of bread most suited for this setting is one that is low in fat and sugar, as the rising times are longer and the baking lernperature higher. It will produce a coarser Crumb with a harder, crustier crust. Press the SELECT button six times and the Display Window will show 6. a red indicator ight will appear against '1kg' in the Display Window and against 'Medium' in the Crust Selection Panel The Yeast Free recipes contained in this book have been developed using this setting only, as these mixtures rely on baking powder or bicarbonate of soda as the raising agent in place of yeast.Setting Selections 6 SETTING 7. Bake Only SETTING 10. This setting is designed to allow extra baking it required, for those who enjoy a crispier crust by extending the baking time. For added interest to your loaf try the delicious melt idea on page 9. There is no crust or loaf selection in this selling. This cycle takes 30 minutes to complete and is suited to the type of dough that does not require yeast, such as Parathas or Tortillas, There is no crust or loaf selection in this setting. The timer setting can be changed if desired, from the preset 30 minutes down in one minute increments. There is no rising time in this setting. The pasta ingredients are mixed rapidly, then either hand shaped or processed through a pasta extruder.

This Cycle takes 13 minutes to complete. There is no Crust or loal selection in this setting. This setting is designed to produce home made style jam, using seasonal fresh fruit. This setting takes 1 hour 30 minutes to complete. Remove the dough from the Bread Master Excel hand shape, then bake in a conventional oven. Special instructions and recipes for Pizza and Focaccia are included in the 'Dough' section of this book. There is no crust or loaf selection in this setting.See instructions on page 48. Press SELECT to return to the timer display. DO NOT PRESS 'STOP' when checking bread as this will cancel the cyclo. Setting Selections How to use the preset timer The Bread Master Excel proset timer allows you to wake up to the aroma of tresh baked bread in the morning. The preset timer alows you to set the timer up to 12 hours in advance before you require your baked loal. To preset the timer use the arrows on the control panel to enter the number of hours in which you want your bread to be ready (the amount of time shown on the display panel will include the baking time). Recipes using perishable ingredients lo. Milk, frut, butter etc should not be made NOTE.The (: ) in the time displayed begins to flash, letting you know the timer has started. It will start to knead the dough 2 hours and 50 minutes before the desired completion time. The remaining time will count down in one minute increments. When the time display indicates 0:00', baking is complete, Example The present time is 9:00pm and you want to Wake up to the aroma of fresh homemade bread at 6:30am tomorrow morning. The timer can be used on the following modes: Basic Whole Wheat French Rapid The timer is not suitable for Sweet. Yeast Free, Dough, Yeast Free Dough. Jam and Bake Only modes. The preset timer can not be used for all recipes. Continuo to press the A) timer button to ncrease the amount of time between now and when you want the bread to be ready.

Each time you press the A button the timer advances 10 minutes. Each time you press the button the timer is ser back 10 minutes. If you make an error during or after your Selection, press and hold the 'STOP' button. The time can be altered by using the timer buttons. The BAKE ONLY setting time is automatically set to 60 minutes. If your loaf has reached its desired crust colour before the 60 minutes is complete. Seal Immediately and label. Jam wil thicken upon cooling and storage. Press 'START. 3. After 1.05 hours, the bread maker will BEEP indicating the end of the cycle. All recipes use local ingredients and Australian Standard Metric Measuring tools (clip.Before making your first loaf, remove any promotional stickers from the Bread Master Excel. Do not remove the Bread Master Excallabol on your machine. We recommend you wash the inside of the bread pan and kneading blade in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. 3. Put the ingredients into the bread pan in the following order. 1st. Liquid ingredients te, water 2nd.No movement occurs in the pan. Swtch on at the power outlet. The machine will begin kneading the dough. The total time renaining until the bread is completed and the red indicator light indicating loal sze will appear in the display window, and the red indicator light specifying crust oolour will appear in the Crust Selection Panel. For a dark or light Crust colour, press 'CRUST button once for Dark and twice for Light.Remove the bread pan with oven mitts as it's very hot. Place into freezer bags, renove any air, and secure with ties. Using oven mitts, turn the bread pan upside down and shake to loosen. Try to remove the bread from the bread NOTE.The kneading blade could still be very hot. Add-In Ingredient Beeper. The Bread Master Excel features an 'Add Ingredient Beeper' which operates in the Basto, Rapid.While the machine is still kneading add the Ingredients gradually in batches, allowing the dough to slowly combine with the ingredients.

Take care not to drop ingredients over the side of the bread pan into the baking chamber, as these may bum and smoke during the baking cycle. Leave the lid up to help the machine cool down quicker. If the machine is too hot after use the Error code E:01 wil appear in the Display Window. Press 'STOP' to reset. Alow to cool further. 12. Cut the bread - After the bread has cooled, cut the bread using a bread knife.Therefore care should be taken when weighing and measuring ingredients to obtain accuracy. When measuring liquds use a graduated metric measuring jug. Place jug on a flat surface, check for accuracy at eye level.Tare (zero) the scales with the container in position then spoon ingredients in until desired weight is achieved. In general, water weighs the same in grams as it measures in millitres, therefore greater accuracy is obtained by weighing. MIS Conversion Table Metric Measurements 1 cup 1 tablespoon 1 teaspoon 250 20 Metric Measuring Cups and Spoons For optimum loaf results and greatest NOTE.Do not lap the cup on the bench, or pack the ingredients into the cup UNLESS otherwise drected, Level top of cup with knile. When using graduated metric measuring spoons, lovel top of spoon with a straight edged knife or spatula, DO NOT USE TABLEWARE SPOONS OR CUPS. 13 Measuring Up 13 Measuring Up The Vital Ingredients Flour Rye flour A popular flour used for bread making. It is low in protein and therefore it is essential to combine rye flour with wheat flour to make bread successfully in the Bread Master Excel. Rye flour is traditionally used to make Pumpernickel and Black Breads. Flour is the most important Ingredient used for bread making. It provides food for the yeast and structures the loaf. When mixed with liquid, the protein in the flour starts to form gluten. Gluten is a network of elastic strands, which interlock to trap the gases produced by yeast.

This process increases as the dough undergoes kneading and this provides the dough the structure required to produce the weight and shape of the bread. The flour used in the Bread Master Excel should be bread flour. Baker's flour or plain flour may be used. There is no need to sift the flour. Plain flour is most readily available, however best results are obtained with flour which has at least 119-12 protein content. For this reason, all the recipes in this book use Bread Flour, which has a 12 protein content. This is normally indicated on the packaging. Do not use sell-raising flour unless indicated in the recipe. When using a low protein, stone ground or wholemeal flour the quality of the bread can be improved by adding 1 -2 tablespoons of gluten flour. Gluten flour Glutan is the complex protein product formed when wheat flour and water are mixed together. Gluten flour is a mixture of gluten and wheat flour and can improve the structure and volume of bread made from flour containing a low protein Bread mixes These convenient mixes contain flour, sugar, milk, salt, oil and other ingredients such as improvers. Usually only the add lion of water and yeast is required. Recipes for these brand bread mixes are listed in the Easy Bake recipe section of this guide. It is a high protein, white bread flour, containing 12 protein content ensuring a higher quality and cons stency to the baked bread. The ingredients in a bread improver are usually a food acid such as ascorbic acid Mtamin C) or tartaric acid, plus other enzymes (amylases) extracted from wheat or barley flours. Adding a bread improver will help strengthen the framework of the bread resulting in a loaf that is lighter in texture, bigger in volume, more stable and with enhanced keeping qualities. Bread improvers are an optional addition to the bread recipes listed in the Easy Bake recipe section of this book. 1 teaspoon is the recommended amount for a 750g loaf.

A simple bread Improver is a crushed unflavoured 250mg Vitamin C tablet added to the dry ingredients. Wholemeal flour Contains all the bran, germ and flour of the whole grain. Although breads baked with this type of flour will be higher in fore, the loaf will be lower in height and heavier in texture. A ighter textured bread can be achieved by replacing 1 cup of the wholemeal flour with white bread flour The Malingredients: 14 Sugar Water Sugar provides sweetness and flavour, browns the crust and produces food for the yeast. White suga, brown sugar, honey and dried fruits are all suitable to use. When using honey or golden syrup it must be counted as additional liquid. We have successfully tested SPLENDA as a sugar substitute. Cold tap water is used in all recipes. If using water in cold climates or from the refrigerator, allow water to come to room temperature. Extremes of hot or cold water will prevent the yeast activating. Powdered milk Eggs provide quid, help with raising and increaso the nutritional value of the bread. They help with flavour, tenderness and are usually used in the Sweeter type of breads. Mlk and milk products enhance the flavour and increase the nutritional value of the bread. Powdered mik is convenient and easy to use Istore n an artight oontainer in the refrigerator. Fresh milk should not be substituted for powdered milk unless stated in the recipe. Low fat or skim milk powder can be used with good resu Is. Soy milk powder can also be used but produces a loaf with a higher density. Other Ingredients Fruit, nuts, chocolate chips etc.When the first knead is complete, the machine sounds 8 short beeps, indicating its time to add other ingredients (rut, nuts, chocolate chips etc.). If added before this stage, excessive kneading will cause the ingredients to break down, rather than hold their shape, Salt Salt inhibits the rising of the bread, so be careful when measuring as it should be accurate.

Always check the use by date of all ingredients, as out of date ingredients will NOTE.Fat Fat adds flavour and retains the moisture of the bread. Butler, margarine or vegetable oil can be Yeast Without yeast the bread will not rise. Yeast neods Iquid, sugar and warmth to grow and riso. Dned yeast has been used in all the recipes in this instruction book. Before using dried yeast always check the use by date, as stale yeast will prevent the bread from rising. 'Tandaco' brand yeast. (available in most supermarkets) was used in the development of all recipes contained in this book. Some bulk and imported yeasts are more active, therefore it is recommended to use less of these yeasts. Some yeasts are also more active in hot climates. Never use self-raising four to make yeasted broad unless recipes states otherwise. Never immerse your bread machine in water. Do check use by dates on ingredients. Do store opened ingredients in airtight containers. Do use ingredients at room temperature. Do use bread flour unless recipe states otherwise Do measure ingredients acourately - weighted measurements are in fact more accurate than volume measurements, Do use metric measuring cups, spoons and weighing scales.V Do wipe out the machine and wash the bread pan and blade thoroughly after each use. Tip: When handshaping dough for rols, weigh each piece of dough for more evenly sized X Don't use flour that contains a proteln level of less than 11.5. le. Generic brands of plain flour.Wipe away any spilis first to prevent smoking occurring in the baking cycle. Tip: you live in an area with a high altitude (above 900m) you will probably need to alter your bread recipe, as the higher the alitude, the lower the air pressure, the faster the dough wil rise. Try reducing the yeast by Y. teaspoon, ingeasing the water by 20-40mls or using a more finely ground flour Tip: Flour properties can alter on a seasonal basis, therefore it may be necessary to adjust the water and flour ratio.

This can be determined alter ten minutes of the kneading cycle. Simply open the d of the Bread Master Excel and if the dough is too sticky, add more Mour, 1 fablespoon at a time until the dough reaches a firmer consistency. W the dough is too dry add more water 1 teaspoon at a time unta softer, more ptable dough results. After beng property kneaded, dough with the correct amount of water should stretch like welchewed chewing gun. A: Yes - but not when using the preset timer. Bread made with fresh mik will have a heavier texture than bread made with mik powder. The milk has to be scalded and cooled before adding to the pan. Substitute the water with fresh milk and omit the milk powder. About Baking Bread: Q: The bread cycle has been accidentally cancelled reset or a power failure has occurred during the bread making process. What can I do? If the cycle can not be resumed or is cancelled: During the kneading stage - Reselect the bread setting again and allow dough to reknead And continue through the baking process. The result may be a loaf hgher in volume and lighter in texture. During the Rising stage - Turn the machine of Leave the dough in the pan and in the baking chamber with the lid closed. Allow the dough to prove up in size until almost near the top of the pan. Turn the machine on. Select the BAKE ONLY setting. When your desired crust colour has been reached press 'STOP'. During the Baking cycle - Select the BAKE ONLY setting. Press the 'START' button. Q: Can butter or margarino be used in place of oil. A: Yes, but the bread crumb may appear a more Creartyyellow colour. Q: Can other sweetening agents be used in place of Sugar. A: Yes - honey golden syrup or brown sugar can be used. Do not use artificial sweeteners. However the brand SPLENDA was successfully tested during recipe development. When substituting honey or similar Sweet Equids for sugar, reduce the water by the same amount Q: What happens if the bread isn't removed when the bake cycle is complete.

A: As the loaf cools it gives off steam which can't escape from the bread pan. The bread crust may become soft and the loaf may lose its shape. 0: Can salt be omitted. A: Salt plays an important part in bread making, Omiling di will decrease water absorption in the dough, as well as atieci mixing, the strength of the gluten development and the fermentation of the yeast. In the finished bread, salt improves the loaf shape, crunb structure and crust colour, as well as extending shelf life and enhancing flavour, Q: Why did the bread not rise. A: There may be several reasons. Check the protein level of the flour and use-by date of the yeast. The yeast may have faled to activate, the yeast measurements may be inaccurate or sometimes people just forget to add the yeast. Q: Why do the ingredients need to be placed into the pan in the specified order. A: To ensure all dry ingredients are mixed with water and to avoid the yeast activating prematurely with the water when using the preset Q: Why do large holes appear inside the bread. A: Occasionally air bubbles will concentrate at a certain location during the last rising and wil bake in that state. Is this normal? A: Yes. This is usually caused by the crispiness of the crust. To locate the blade use a non-abrasive utensil and avoid damaging the non-stick coating of the blade. Use a dry thick cloth to remove the blade as it will be not. About Using the Timer: Q: Why can't the preset timer be sot past 12 hours. A: The ingredients may deteriovale in quality or ferment if they are left inside the bread pan for many hours. This is especially the case during the summer, when the timer should be set for a shorter period of time. Q: Why does the top of the broad collapse. A: Usually this is because the ingredients are not in balance or a low protein flour is used. Too much yeast, water or other liquid ingredients, or not enough flour may cause the bread to be pale on top and collapse with baking.